KOOC [Kind Of Objective C] (Jan. 2010)

The KOOC - short for Kind Of Objective-C - was the final project of 3rd year project at EPITECH.
Although it was designed for 3 people, I almost worked on it alone as my collaborators were working on another project.

So, basically I had to make a KOOC parser and "compiler" using the Codeworker language.
The major goal of the project was to make students understand the root mechanics of the C++ code.
Indeed, students were supposed re-invent a new Object-Oriented programming language.

In my project, I basically had to be able to parse KOOC code (see screenshot 1) and "recompile" it to mangled C code (see screenshot 2). Of course, the C code had to compile with the GCC compiler.

This project was really hard, but I have to say I had great pleasure working on it!
It gave me a wider knowledge about how the C++ mechanics work - e.g. symbols mangling, virtual tables, inherintance etc.

BABEL [Voip Server & Client] (Oct . 2009)

BABEL was a third year project at EPITECH for a group of 3 people.

Basically, my group and I were in charge of creating a simple VoIP client like Skype.
Students could only use C++ plus the Qt and the Boost libraries.

The required features were: users can create an account, log-in, add contacts, call contacts, hang-up.
Optional options were: settings customization, text-chat as a plugin (external DLL), custom User Interface, etc.

One person was in charge of the VoIP code, another in charge of the master-server code.
Together, we designed the client-server protocol.

On my side, I was in charge of the plugins-system to allow the text-chat feature.
I also implemented all the client features - i.e. account creation, log-in, settings, contacts system, text-chat, voice-chat, UI design using the Qt CSS (which is actually called "QSS").

You can view the project's screenshots by clicking on the pictures below